The Montauk Airport, Montauk, New York


Airport Improvements

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Airport Improvements

Beginning in 1999 under an Airport Master Plan drawn up by Tri-State Planning and Engineering (Westbury NY), the airport undertook a series of capital improvements, assisted by Federal Grant funding. Included in these upgrades were the burying of power lines at the southwest end of Runway 24, paving the primary runway and aircraft parking apron, installation of PAPI (navigational aides) at either end of the runway, improved runway lighting and runway markings, and Inadvertent Entry Fencing between the airfield and East Lake Drive. During this time, Montauk Airport was designated a Reliever Airport by the F.A.A., so that during a wide-spread emergency, Montauk can accept flights diverted from Islip Airport, and other airfields to the west.

As a result of these capital projects, the airport today is both safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Montauk Airport has become a favorite destination among pilots of all ages and backgrounds, and is suitable for corporate helicopters as well as fixed-wing aircraft. The airport has also adopted a formal Noise Abatement program for take-offs and landings, making it neighbor-friendly for nearby homes and businesses.

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