The Montauk Airport, Montauk, New York


Airport Improvements

Current Operations

Current Operations

Montauk Airport is open year-round, but the airport office is closed between November and March. The facility is located on East Lake Drive in Montauk, three hours driving time from New York City. Telephone is 631-668-3738, and fax is 631-668-2615. The airport's Unicom is 122.7, and the 3500 foot runway has pilot-controlled lighting, PCL 121.7 Helen Gil remains as airport manager.

There are three fine restaurants within walking distance of the airport, and beautiful County Park beaches at the northeast end of Runway 6/24. An on-premises van will shuttle pilots to and from the nearby beach, and the airport provides two outside showers for beach-goers. Taxis are available to accommodate the four-mile trip into town, or to take passengers to nearby marinas at Montauk Harbor. And, best of all, the airport has a very friendly staff, who will make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

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